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Hi, I’m Itzel, or you can call me Ateş. I am a content creator, freelance artist, an online sex worker and findom.

About me:

  • I’m 21, trans, queer and polyamorous. I’m a polytheistic pagan, I practice witchcraft and spirituality, My beliefs are a huge part of who I am and I like to share it online with others.
  • I’m transmasc/FTM genderfluid. I experience masc, andro and fem genders at different times. That’s why I use the terms “boy” and “girl” to describe myself because I am both. I mostly prefer he/him pronouns (she/her is also fine).
  • I make weird art to express myself and for fun 🙂 My art is a huge part of me. Please follow me on my insta/twttr (heartofitzel on both) I will be sharing new stuff soon after a long break from posting!
  • I also make mental health content to spread awareness, educate, destigmatize and just to generally show people how it is to live with these disorders. I have heavy ASPD (sociopathy) leaning HPD and psychosis (schizo spectrum). Healing is a life long journey but at this point I consider myself healed, please follow me on insta (brainofitzel), I will be sharing new content soon after a long break I took for personal reasons.